PAT Testing – At Work Or in the Home – Appliances Need Testing

Whether at work or in the home, portable electrical appliances are featured in every part of our daily routine. As a  result, users need to be assured that the appliances they use are safe and reliable. testing (Portable Appliance Testing) ensures that electrical appliances are checked regularly and accurately, so that the safety of the user is protected. Testing is simple and effective, allowing users to easily identify whether an appliance has passed or failed the safety check. home appliances hsr layout

An appliance that has been tested will be labelled for guidance. A sticker will be placed in clear view and should ideally be placed on the cable as close to the plug as possible and with simple colour coding to indicate its condition to the user. If an appliance has passed and is deemed safe for use, it will be marked with a green label. If an appliance has failed and therefore should not be used, the label will be red.


If the appliance has passed the PAT Test, the green label will have a ‘pass date’, as well as a date that indicates when the appliance should next be tested. A red label will also show a ‘fail date’. Further information provided on the PAT testing label may vary, depending on the issuing company and the chosen design.

If an appliance fails the PAT Test, there could be a number of possible reasons. It may be that the plug is damaged or has been wired incorrectly. There may be an incorrect fuse or a faulty mains cable. If the problem is more serious, the PAT engineer will advise that use of the item be discontinued.

PAT testing can be carried out by a suitably qualified engineer, or there are means to enable users to carry out their own safety testing. Many companies now offer PAT testing courses, which provide users with a short, simple, step-by-step guide to checking appliances in an everyday environment. Whether you are seeking professional assistance, or looking to enrol on a one-day course, it is always best to approach a reputable company. Online directories allow you to search for a fully qualified company, most of which can carry out testing, and provide quality training services.



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